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The Beauty Salon is created for anyone looking to start their on beauty or healthcare website. This premium theme includes a couple of advanced features such as a sliding menucard with an easy to use menucard buider and a tiled gallery page for treatments, products and services. We’ve made it very easy for you to mash together different kind of pages. Imagine adding galleries, product pages and blogs to any page you want!

On top of that, The Beauty Salon is a fully flexible and responsive WordPress Theme, meaning it will work on your tablet and mobile phone as well! We’ve included a bunch of shortcodes and custom widgets to give you even more freedom when managing your pages.




  • 1140 grid – We use the 1140 grid to give you more space for content while still fitting all the most used resolutions
  • Coded with SEO in mind
  • Responsive – This theme is responsive to maintain the accessibility and readability of the content on lower resulutions, but also on tablets and mobile phones!
  • XML with dummy content available on the support forums!
  • Shortcode generator – Add shortcodes with great ease with the build-in shortcode generator!
  • Column manager – You can use this simple column manager to set up you column layout, and use the visual editor to fill out these columns!
  • Pick your own colors – Pick any color with the colorpicker in the theme settings
  • Google fonts – Use any of the available google fonts for the titles and body text
  • Page mashups – Put together any pages you want. Imagine inclunding a gallery, product page or blog page!
  • Moveable sidebars – Move the sidebar to the left, the right, or hide it entirely for a fullwidth page or post! (global or page/post specific).
  • Custom sidebars – Create your own sidebars and assign them to any page you want
  • Maxmium image quality – Made with optimal image quality in mind. We prevent wordpress from using jpeg image compression! Bye bye fuzzy images!
  • Custom page templates
  • Custom widgets
  • Multiple shortcodes
  • Google analytics – Easily adding Google analytics via the theme settings
  • Integrated social sharing – Can be turned off
  • Use your own logo and favicon – Using the default wordpress easy upload form
  • Contact form 7 support – This theme includes styling for the ‘Contact 7’ contact form plugin!
  • Custom admin panel – Admin panel with a ton of options and tabs for easy navigation
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Fully editable PSD files


  • 主题文件
  • psd源文件
  • 主题使用说明(英文)


  Beauty V1.1(WP巴士).rar (解压密码:www.wpbus.com.cn)

本文地址: http://www.wpbus.com.cn/wordpress-theme-beauty.html



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